Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed 39fe4c0

Debian bug #517735: check for presence of pages before linking to them.

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     {%- if hasdoc('about') %}
     <link rel="author" title="{{ _('About these documents') }}" href="{{ pathto('about') }}" />
     {%- endif %}
+    {%- if hasdoc('genindex') %}
     <link rel="index" title="{{ _('Index') }}" href="{{ pathto('genindex') }}" />
+    {%- endif %}
+    {%- if hasdoc('search') %}
     <link rel="search" title="{{ _('Search') }}" href="{{ pathto('search') }}" />
+    {%- endif %}
     {%- if hasdoc('copyright') %}
     <link rel="copyright" title="{{ _('Copyright') }}" href="{{ pathto('copyright') }}" />
     {%- endif %}
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