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Fix test_build_html after latest docfields fix.

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 .. class:: Time(hour, minute, isdst)
-   :param hour: The year.
-   :type hour: TimeInt
+   :param year: The year.
+   :type year: TimeInt
    :param TimeInt minute: The minute.
    :param isdst: whether it's DST
    :type isdst: * some complex
    :ivar int hour: like *hour*
    :ivar minute: like *minute*
    :vartype minute: int
+   :param hour: Some parameter
+   :type hour: DuplicateType
    :param hour: Duplicate param.  Should not lead to crashes.
-   :type hour: Duplicate type.
+   :type hour: DuplicateType
 C items


         # custom sidebar
         (".//h4", 'Custom sidebar'),
         # docfields
-        (".//td[@class='field-body']/ul/li/strong", '^moo$'),
-        (".//td[@class='field-body']/ul/li/strong",
+        (".//td[@class='field-body']/strong", '^moo$'),
+        (".//td[@class='field-body']/strong",
              tail_check(r'\(Moo\) .* Moo')),
+        (".//td[@class='field-body']/ul/li/strong", '^hour$'),
+        (".//td[@class='field-body']/ul/li/em", '^DuplicateType$'),
+        (".//td[@class='field-body']/ul/li/em",
+             tail_check(r'.* Some parameter')),
     'contents.html': [
         (".//meta[@name='hc'][@content='hcval']", ''),
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