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Changelog for pull request #31

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    .. versionadded:: 1.1.8
+   .. versionchanged:: 1.1.9
+      It can be typed e.g.:
+      .. sourcecode:: rst
+         :jsonparam string title: the post title
+         :jsonparam string body: the post body
+         :jsonparam boolean sticky: whether it's sticky or not
 ``requestheader``, ``reqheader``
    Description of request header field.
   See :mod:`sphinxcontrib.autohttp.bottle` module.
   [patch_ by Jameel Al-Aziz]
 - Added ``:reqheader:`` and ``:resheader:`` option flags.
+- ``:jsonparameter:`` can be typed.  [:pull:`31` by Chuck Harmston]
 .. _patch: https://github.com/jalaziz/sphinxcontrib-httpdomain


 from sphinx.util.docfields import GroupedField, TypedField
-GroupedTypedField = type('GroupedTypedField', (TypedField, GroupedField), {})
 class DocRef(object):
     """Represents a link to an RFC which defines an HTTP method."""
         TypedField('parameter', label='Parameters',
                    names=('param', 'parameter', 'arg', 'argument'),
                    typerolename='obj', typenames=('paramtype', 'type')),
+        TypedField('jsonparameter', label='Json Parameters',
+                   names=('jsonparameter', 'jsonparam', 'json'),
+                   typerolename='obj', typenames=('jsonparamtype', 'jsontype')),
         GroupedField('queryparameter', label='Query Parameters',
                      names=('queryparameter', 'queryparam', 'qparam', 'query')),
         GroupedField('formparameter', label='Form Parameters',
                      names=('formparameter', 'formparam', 'fparam', 'form')),
-        GroupedTypedField('jsonparameter', label='Json Parameters',
-                          names=('jsonparameter', 'jsonparam', 'json'),
-                          typerolename='obj', typenames=('paramtype', 'type')),
         GroupedField('requestheader', label='Request Headers',
                      names=('reqheader', 'requestheader')),
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