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Enabled use of add_function_parentheses option

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 After installing ```` in ``site-packages/sphinxcontrib``, add the
 ``sphinxcontrib.lassodomain`` extension to the ``extensions`` list in your
-Sphinx configuration file (````)::
+Sphinx configuration file (````):
+.. code-block:: python
    extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.lassodomain']
 Also, if your project is primarily Lasso, you'll want to define the primary
-domain as well::
+domain as well:
+.. code-block:: python
    primary_domain = 'ls'
 Use :ls:meth:`array->exchange` to swap the position of two array elements.
+A set of empty parentheses ``()`` will be appended, if absent, to method
+cross-references by default. This can be reversed by setting
+``add_function_parentheses = False`` in your project's ````, causing them
+to be removed if present.


         'thread':  LSDefinition,
     roles = {
-        'meth':   LSXRefRole(),
+        'meth':   LSXRefRole(fix_parens=True),
         'type':   LSXRefRole(),
         'trait':  LSXRefRole(),
         'thread': LSXRefRole(),