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 .. seealso::
-   If your webapp is powered by Flask_? See :mod:`sphinxcontrib.autohttp.flask`
-   also.
+   We might support reflection for web framework your webapp depends on.
+   See the following :mod:`sphinxcontrib.auttohttp` modules:
-   Or
+   Module :mod:`sphinxcontrib.autohttp.flask`
+      Reflection for Flask_ webapps.
-   If your webapp is powered by Bottle_? See :mod:`sphinxcontrib.autohttp.bottle`
-   also.
+   Module :mod:`sphinxcontrib.autohttp.bottle`
+      Reflection for Bottle_ webapps.
 In order to use it, add :mod:`sphinxcontrib.httpdomain` into
 :data:`extensions` list of your Sphinx configuration file (:file:``)::
 To be released.
+- Now Bottle_ apps can be loaded by :mod:`~sphinxcontrib.autohttp`.
+  See :mod:`sphinxcontrib.autohttp.bottle` module.
+  [patch_ by Jameel Al-Aziz]
 - Added ``:reqheader:`` and ``:resheader:`` option flags.
+.. _patch:
 Version 1.1.8