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README: restore alphabetical order and add missing extensions

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 - autorun: Execute code in a runblock directive.
 - blockdiag: embed block diagrams by using blockdiag_
 - cheeseshop: easily link to PyPI packages
+- clearquest: create tables from ClearQuest_ queries.
 - coffeedomain: a domain for (auto)documenting CoffeeScript source code.
 - context: a builder for ConTeXt.
 - doxylink: Link to external Doxygen-generated HTML documentation
+- email: obfuscate email addresses
 - erlangdomain: an extension for Erlang support (Sphinx 1.0 needed)
 - exceltable: embed Excel spreadsheets into documents using exceltable_
 - feed: an extension for creating syndication feeds and time-based overviews
 - omegat: support tools to collaborate with OmegaT_ (Sphinx 1.1 needed)
 - osaka: convert standard Japanese doc to Osaka dialect (it is joke extension)
 - paverutils: an alternate integration of Sphinx with Paver_.
+- phpdomain: an extension for PHP support
 - plantuml: embed UML diagram by using PlantUML_
 - rawfiles: copy raw files, like a CNAME.
 - requirements: declare requirements wherever you need (e.g. in test
   Diagram Editor (sdedit_)
 - seqdiag: embed sequence diagrams by using seqdiag_
 - slide: embed presentation slides on slideshare_ and other sites.
+- swf: embed flash files
 - sword: an extension inserting Bible verses from Sword_.
+- tikz: draw pictures with the `TikZ/PGF LaTeX package`_.
 - traclinks: create TracLinks_ to a Trac_ instance from within Sphinx
+- whooshindex: whoosh indexer extension
 - youtube: embed videos from YouTube_
 - zopeext: provide an ``autointerface`` directive for using `Zope interfaces`_.
-- clearquest: create tables from ClearQuest_ queries.
-- tikz: draw pictures with the `TikZ/PGF LaTeX package`_.
 .. _aafigure:
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