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Add JSON Parameter along side form and query parameter

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File httpdomain/doc/index.rst

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    :mimetype:`application/x-www-form-urlencoded` or
+``jsonparameter``, ``jsonparam``, ``json``
+   Description of a parameter passed by request content body, encoded in
+   :mimetype:`application/json`.
 ``statuscode``, ``status``, ``code``
    Description of response status code.

File httpdomain/sphinxcontrib/httpdomain.py

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                      names=('queryparameter', 'queryparam', 'qparam', 'query')),
         GroupedField('formparameter', label='Form Parameters',
                      names=('formparameter', 'formparam', 'fparam', 'form')),
+        GroupedField('jsonparameter', label='Json Parameters',
+                     names=('jsonparameter', 'jsonparam', 'json')),
         GroupedField('statuscode', label='Status Codes',
                      names=('statuscode', 'status', 'code'))