sphinxcontrib-ansi: Problem w/ "set-color set-bold" sequences ...

jenisys avatarjenisys created an issue

sphinxcontrib-ansi does not process the following ANSI sequences correctly (set-color, set-bold):



  • CSI is the "Control Sequence Introducer": ESC[
  • {color} is placeholder for the color code, ala: 30..37 etc.

The color is reset in HTML output when set-bold is detected:

<span class="ansi-{color}"></span><span class="ansi-bold">...</span>


<span class="ansi-{color}"><span class="ansi-bold">...</span></span>

or (what seems to be used currently with composite sequence):

<span class="ansi-{color} ansi-bold">...</span>

The whole thing works only when the composite schema is used:


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