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Issue #21 resolved

Include PlantUML in pdf document shows images very large

Anonymous created an issue

Few use case and actors can fill a whole page. The solution could be add a parameters to let the user specify a scale for the includegraphics latex command? Just a suggestion. Marco

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  1. Yuya Nishihara

    let the user specify a scale for the includegraphics

    Hmm, it might be nice if we can specify parameters like image directive.

    FWIW, plantuml_latex_output_format and PlantUML's skin parameter can change the rendering of PDF output.

    • plantuml_latex_output_format = 'pdf' generates PDF image instead of PNG (yet supported by release version)
    • plantuml = 'java -jar plantuml.jar -SdefaultFontSize=8' changes the default font size (for details, see http://plantuml.sourceforge.net/skinparam.html)
  2. Anonymous

    Yes image directive can be usefuill, however consider that actually image size is acceptable for html out but not for pdf, because of this I suggest a way to control the includegraphic statement. I'm already using pdf output. I gave a try also to defaultFontName but as result I got a graph almost the same size but with font very small compared with actor dimensions. BTW: sphinx with plantUML is the tool I have looked for along many years!!!

  3. Anonymous

    My 2 cents follows. This way you can use the directive :includegraphics: scale=1, width=... etc

    Best regard, Mar

    diff -r 14db1e6b4f01 plantuml/sphinxcontrib/plantuml.py
    --- a/plantuml/sphinxcontrib/plantuml.py	Fri Nov 25 08:54:30 2011 +0100
    +++ b/plantuml/sphinxcontrib/plantuml.py	Sat Dec 03 11:29:05 2011 +0100
    @@ -37,12 +37,17 @@
                Alice <- Bob: Hi
         has_content = True
    -    option_spec = {'alt': directives.unchanged}
    +    option_spec = {'alt': directives.unchanged, 'includegraphics': directives.unchanged}
         def run(self):
             node = plantuml()
             node['uml'] = '\n'.join(self.content)
             node['alt'] = self.options.get('alt', None)
    +        node['includegraphics'] = self.options.get('includegraphics', None)
    +        if node['includegraphics'] is None:
    +            node['includegraphics'] = ''
    +        else:
    +            node['includegraphics'] = '[' + node['includegraphics'] + ']'
             return [node]
     def generate_name(self, node, fileformat):
    @@ -198,7 +203,7 @@
         except PlantUmlError, err:
             raise nodes.SkipNode
    -    self.body.append('\n\\includegraphics{%s}\n' % self.encode(refname))
    +    self.body.append('\n\\includegraphics%s{%s}\n' % (node['includegraphics'], self.encode(refname)))
         raise nodes.SkipNode
     def pdf_visit_plantuml(self, node):
  4. prikhi

    width, height and/or scale would be awesome.

    bonus but completely unecessary would be to make it captioned like a figure and alignable.

    Thanks for the reply.

  5. prikhi

    Sorry for the immense delay, but the patch works great! I mostly use scale or just the width.

    What is the effect of using a unitless number? I was unable to percieve any difference with the values I chose (35 and 90).

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