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Issue #27 resolved

Please update readme for plantuml

Anonymous created an issue

I tried a while to get plantuml running with sphinx. Then I looked around and cam across sphinx-contrib/plantuml/tests/fixture/conf.py. Therein I found the missing piece. It might be simple when you're familiar with python, sphinx and that extension but it cost me some time.

However, the key was adding 'sphinxcontrib.plantuml' to the array 'exensions' in my 'conf.py'. E.g. {{{ extensions = ['sphinx.ext.todo', 'sphinx.ext.ifconfig', 'sphinxcontrib.plantuml'] }}}

Also the line ... {{{ plantuml = 'java -jar /path/to/plantuml.jar' }}} ... in the readme could be corrected to ... {{{ plantuml = ['java', '-jar', '/path/to/plantuml.jar'] }}}

Thanks for this nice tool!

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