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Issue #28 resolved

[programoutput] Current working directory

Anonymous created an issue

Currently the current working directory in which commands are executed is inherited and therefore the same directory in which sphinx-build was invoked.

This is a problem for me because I execute example scripts relative to the documentation directory; whenever the cwd isn't set to that directory the build fails.

It would be very helpful if the cwd would be set to the documentation root or could be configured either as an option to the directive or globally in conf.py.

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  1. Anonymous
    • changed status to open

    I'll set the working directory to documentation root (i.e. directory that contains conf.py), and add an option to change the working directory relative to that directory or to absolute paths for each command.

  2. Anonymous

    Implemented in f755582ff. Sorry for the long delay, but I had some other things to do, and testing turned out to be more tricky than I thought, since symlinks need to be handled properly.

    I compile a new release of this extension asap.

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