exceltable: fails to create errors or warnings with "literal_block not declared"

Issue #43 new
Marcus Lindblom Sonestedt
created an issue

The following two functions in exceltable.py uses literal_block directly, which is not imported anymore. Adding the "nodes."-prefix makes them work.

 def warning(self, *msgs):
    #super(Messenger, self).warning(msg)
    return nodes.literal_block(text=self._prepare(msgs))

  def error(self, *msgs):
    #super(Messenger, self).error(msg)
    text = self._prepare(msgs)
    return nodes.literal_block(text=text)

However, it'd be much nicer if an actual warning or error was created, so that one didn't have to look through the output files to find errors. (Uncommenting self.log did not work...)