[httpdomain] Using empty :endpoints: leads to no documented flask endpoints

Issue #48 resolved
Michael Twomey
created an issue

When using the autoflask extension with httpdomain 1.1.8 the following fails to generate any flask docs:

.. autoflask:: app.application:make_app()

If I omit the :endpoints: it works and generates docs for all my routes.

It seems that autohttp.flask's AutoflaskDirective.endpoints is getting the string "None" instead of a None when an empty :endpoints: is used.

Encountered this with sphinx 1.2b1 but could reproduce with 1.1.3.

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  1. Hong Minhee

    It seems to the docs is incorrect or confusing at least. You can simply omit :endpoints: to document all endpoints:

    .. autoflask:: app.application:make_app()
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