spelling: Ideas for improvement

Issue #9 open
Dag Odenhall
created an issue

Having tried sphinxcontrib-spelling on my documentation, I have a few suggestions based on my experience.

  • Exit with non-zero status on found typos - useful for testing docs with tox
  • A switch to output in a format suitable for the exclusion file (i.e. one word per line), because for existing documentation you'll have lots of technical terms and names of packages etc that are not typos but not in the dictionary - useful to dump all into a file and remove real errors
  • Include builtin exclusions for words common for Python documentation (such as names of packages on pypi, words like "Pythonic" etc)

It's a very nice builder for OCD-types such as myself. Thanks! :)

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  1. Doug Hellmann
    • changed status to open

    I like the idea of the exclusion list and exiting with an error code.

    I had planned to look up unrecognized words as modules on the local system (via imp) or on pypi (via the API, I guess). I'll have to figure out some way to cache those values.

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