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.. -*- restructuredtext -*-

README for sphinx-feed

This Sphinx extension generates an RSS feed your site containing all articles
that occur therein, indexed by document date. Date is supplied as a standard
document metadata field. (The `ReST cheat sheet`_ has one, for example, or see
the test suite for other examples.)


Incorporates feedgenerator.py from the Django project, licensed under the BSD

The rest of the project is also released under the BSD licence.


Original version by `Dan MacKinlay`_ with contributions by `Keegan
Carruthers-Smith`_. Contributors hereby release their code under the BSD


* inject rel="alternate" RSS links into document header pointing to
  the RSS feed. For now you roll your own in the template
* go from the irritating nose tests to the conventional and more debug-
  friendly unittests

.. _ReST cheat sheet: http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/user/rst/cheatsheet.txt
.. _Dan MacKinlay: http://livingthing.org/
.. _Keegan Carruthers-Smith: http://people.cs.uct.ac.za/~ksmith/
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