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OmegaT adapter

Author: SHIBUKAWA Yoshiki <yoshiki at shibu.jp>


Sphinx 1.1 is under developing. This extension supposes patched version now. http://bitbucket.org/shibu/sphinx_i18n/


This is the OmegaT adapter for Sphinx 1.1 or above. Sphinx 1.1 will deliver i18n feature. This extension accelarate this feature with OmegaT. OmegaT is the best open source tool for translators.


OmegaT is a free translation memory application written in Java. It is a tool for professional translators.

This extension generate OmegaT porject file. OmegaT gets original sentenses via po filter.


easy_install -U sphinxcontrib-omegat



After installing, prepare the source project(sphinx). Then, edit conf.py to enable OmegaT connection.

Of course, you should install OmegaT 2.2 or above.

Generate Source Project

Create OmegaT project.

$ sphinx-build -b omegat . .

Then, launch OmegaT and edit translation project.

Generate Message Catalog

Before this, check OmegaT settings. See Options - File Filters... You should set .po's encoding 'UTF-8' (both input/output).

Select Project - Create Translated Documents to generate translated .po file. After that, create compiled message catalog.

$ sphinx-build -b msgfmt . .

Build Document

You prepared your message catalog! Congraturations! You can build your document as usual.

$ make html


If you notify bugs or has any request, send e-mail to me(yoshiki or shibu.jp) or report it to issue tracker at http://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/sphinx-contrib/