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Whoosh indexer extension for Sphinx

Author: Pauli Virtanen <pav@iki.fi>

This extension adds an additional builder, the :class:`WhooshBuilder`. It indexes all documents using the Whoosh pure-Python indexing engine, and places the resulting index in the output directory.

The name of the builder is whoosh.



  • Whoosh (0.3 or later).
  • reportlab (for LaTeX/PDF output)
  • PIL (for any image format other than SVG or PDF)

From source (tar.gz or checkout)

Unpack the archive, enter the sphinxcontrib-aafig-x.y directory and run:

python setup.py install


Alternatively it can be installed from PyPI, either manually downloading the files and installing as described above or using:

easy_install -U sphinxcontrib-whoosh

Enabling the extension in Sphinx

Just add sphinxcontrib.whooshindex to the list of extensions in the conf.py file. For example:

extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.whooshindex']


Give a builder name whoosh to sphinxbuild. The Whoosh index will be placed to the output directory.

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