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This extension provides hyphenation for html documentation generated
with Sphinx_. It loads the JavaScript package hypenator.js_ to hyphenate
documents on client side.

Because hyphenator.js is quite large, it is not included in the extension.

Configuration Parameters


   The path to the hyphenator.js file. 

   Default value is
   that loads the JavaScript from the project repository. If you want
   Hyphenator to be available offline, you have to download it and set this
   value to a different path.

   The path can be absolute or relative; if it is relative, it is relative to
   the _static directory of the built docs.


   The hyphenator extension sets the language for hyphenator.js to the config
   value "language". If this does not work you can set hyphenator_language in
   (see: for
   supported languages).

.. _`Sphinx`:
.. _`hypenator.js`: