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nicovideo extension README
This is a sphinx extension which embed videos from nicovideo_ .

.. _nicovideo::


You can get archive file at


.. code-block:: bash

   > easy_install sphinxcontrib-nicovideo

Configure Sphinx
To enable this extension, add ``sphinxcontrib.nicovideo`` module to extensions 
option at :file:``. 

.. code-block:: python

   import os, sys

   # Path to the folder where is
   # NOTE: not needed if the package is installed in traditional way
   # using or easy_install

   # Enabled extensions
   extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.nicovideo']

Directives and Roles

.. rst:role: nicovideo

   nicovideo role makes a link to movie page::


.. rst:directive:: .. nicovideo:: [video_id]

   nicovideo directive embeds a movie into the generated document.

This code is hosted by Bitbucket.