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The Cheese Shop Sphinx extension

   Ah! We do have some Camembert, sir...

This extension adds directives for easy linking to Cheese Shop (Python Package
Index) packages.  It requires Sphinx 1.0.

   It's a bit runny, sir...

It supports a directive and a role, as well as a new config value.

   Well, as a matter of fact it's very runny, sir...

The ``pypi-release`` directive adds an HTML-only output block that automatically
fetches the download links for the latest release of the given package and
displays them as a list.  For example, ::

   .. pypi-release:: Sphinx
      :prefix: Download
      :class: sidebar

will display "Download:" and a list of download links (eggs and the source
distribution) for the latest Sphinx release.  The "sidebar" class makes the
resulting ``<div>`` appear like a reStructuredText sidebar.  Using "prefix", you
can select what text precedes the list.

   I think it's runnier than you like it, sir...

The ``pypi`` role links to a package.  Use it in one of these forms::

   :pypi:`Sphinx`  -- link to latest release
   :pypi:`the Sphinx package <Sphinx>`  -- dito, but explicit title given
   :pypi:`Sphinx (0.6)`  -- link to specific release
   :pypi:`the Sphinx package <Sphinx (0.6)>`  -- dito, with explicit title

This extension also adds a ``cheeseshop_url`` config value, which defaults to
``'http://pypi.python.org/pypi'`` and is used to build URLs to the Cheese Shop.

Have fun!

   Oh... The cat's eaten it.