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Welcome to sphinxcontrib-osaka's documentation!

This module converts standard Japanese sentence into Osaka dialect.
Osaka is one of the most powerful area in Japan. So your formal Japanese sentence will become lively one.


This module is tested only Python 2.6.

How to Use Sphinx Extension

At first, install sphinxcontrib.osaka package. Run following command under root/admin right.

.. code-block:: bash

   $ easy_install sphinxcontrib-osaka

Append 'sphinxcontrib.osaka' to extensions parameter, and run Sphinx.
There is no configuration parameter.

.. code-block:: python

   extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.osaka']

Standalone Function

.. module:: sphinxcontrib.osaka

.. function:: convert(src)
   This module converts standard Japanese into Osaka diagram.
   :param src: input string(standard Japanese)
   :type  src: unicode
   :return: converted string
   :rtype: unicode




Shibukawa Yoshiki(yoshiki at shibu.jp)


* http://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/sphinx-contrib/
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