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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Docutils node-related utility functions for Sphinx.

    :copyright: Copyright 2007-2011 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

import re

from docutils import nodes

from sphinx import addnodes
from sphinx.locale import pairindextypes

class WarningStream(object):

    def __init__(self, warnfunc):
        self.warnfunc = warnfunc
        self._re = re.compile(r'\((DEBUG|INFO|WARNING|ERROR|SEVERE)/[0-4]\)')

    def write(self, text):
        text = text.strip()
        if text:
            self.warnfunc(self._re.sub(r'\1:', text), None, '')

# \x00 means the "<" was backslash-escaped
explicit_title_re = re.compile(r'^(.+?)\s*(?<!\x00)<(.*?)>$', re.DOTALL)
caption_ref_re = explicit_title_re  # b/w compat alias

    #XXX there are probably more
def extract_messages(doctree):
    """Extract translatable messages from a document tree."""
    for node in doctree.traverse(nodes.TextElement):
        # workaround: nodes.term doesn't have source, line and rawsource
        # (fixed in Docutils r7495)
        if isinstance(node, nodes.term) and not node.source:
            definition_list_item = node.parent
            if definition_list_item.line is not None:
                node.source = definition_list_item.source
                node.line = definition_list_item.line - 1
                node.rawsource = definition_list_item.\
                                 rawsource.split("\n", 2)[0]
        if not node.source:
            continue # built-in message
        if isinstance(node, IGNORED_NODES):
        # <field_name>orphan</field_name>
        # XXX ignore all metadata (== docinfo)
        if isinstance(node, nodes.field_name) and node.children[0] == 'orphan':

        msg = node.rawsource.replace('\n', ' ').strip()
        # XXX nodes rendering empty are likely a bug in sphinx.addnodes
        if msg:
            yield node, msg

def nested_parse_with_titles(state, content, node):
    """Version of state.nested_parse() that allows titles and does not require
    titles to have the same decoration as the calling document.

    This is useful when the parsed content comes from a completely different
    context, such as docstrings.
    # hack around title style bookkeeping
    surrounding_title_styles = state.memo.title_styles
    surrounding_section_level = state.memo.section_level
    state.memo.title_styles = []
    state.memo.section_level = 0
        return state.nested_parse(content, 0, node, match_titles=1)
        state.memo.title_styles = surrounding_title_styles
        state.memo.section_level = surrounding_section_level

def clean_astext(node):
    """Like node.astext(), but ignore images."""
    node = node.deepcopy()
    for img in node.traverse(nodes.image):
        img['alt'] = ''
    return node.astext()

def split_explicit_title(text):
    """Split role content into title and target, if given."""
    match = explicit_title_re.match(text)
    if match:
        return True, match.group(1), match.group(2)
    return False, text, text

indextypes = [
    'single', 'pair', 'double', 'triple', 'see', 'seealso',

def process_index_entry(entry, targetid):
    indexentries = []
    entry = entry.strip()
    oentry = entry
    main = ''
    if entry.startswith('!'):
        main = 'main'
        entry = entry[1:].lstrip()
    for type in pairindextypes:
        if entry.startswith(type+':'):
            value = entry[len(type)+1:].strip()
            value = pairindextypes[type] + '; ' + value
            indexentries.append(('pair', value, targetid, main))
        for type in indextypes:
            if entry.startswith(type+':'):
                value = entry[len(type)+1:].strip()
                if type == 'double':
                    type = 'pair'
                indexentries.append((type, value, targetid, main))
        # shorthand notation for single entries
            for value in oentry.split(','):
                value = value.strip()
                main = ''
                if value.startswith('!'):
                    main = 'main'
                    value = value[1:].lstrip()
                if not value:
                indexentries.append(('single', value, targetid, main))
    return indexentries

def inline_all_toctrees(builder, docnameset, docname, tree, colorfunc):
    """Inline all toctrees in the *tree*.

    Record all docnames in *docnameset*, and output docnames with *colorfunc*.
    tree = tree.deepcopy()
    for toctreenode in tree.traverse(addnodes.toctree):
        newnodes = []
        includefiles = map(str, toctreenode['includefiles'])
        for includefile in includefiles:
                builder.info(colorfunc(includefile) + " ", nonl=1)
                subtree = inline_all_toctrees(builder, docnameset, includefile,
                    builder.env.get_doctree(includefile), colorfunc)
            except Exception:
                builder.warn('toctree contains ref to nonexisting '
                             'file %r' % includefile,
                sof = addnodes.start_of_file(docname=includefile)
                sof.children = subtree.children
        toctreenode.parent.replace(toctreenode, newnodes)
    return tree

def make_refnode(builder, fromdocname, todocname, targetid, child, title=None):
    """Shortcut to create a reference node."""
    node = nodes.reference('', '', internal=True)
    if fromdocname == todocname:
        node['refid'] = targetid
        node['refuri'] = (builder.get_relative_uri(fromdocname, todocname)
                          + '#' + targetid)
    if title:
        node['reftitle'] = title
    return node

def set_source_info(directive, node):
    node.source, node.line = \

def set_role_source_info(inliner, lineno, node):
        node.source, node.line = \
    except AttributeError:
        # docutils 0.9+
        node.source, node.line = inliner.reporter.get_source_and_line(lineno)

# monkey-patch Node.__contains__ to get consistent "in" operator behavior
# across docutils versions

def _new_contains(self, key):
    # support both membership test for children and attributes
    # (has_key is translated to "in" by 2to3)
    if isinstance(key, basestring):
        return key in self.attributes
    return key in self.children

nodes.Node.__contains__ = _new_contains

# monkey-patch Element.copy to copy the rawsource

def _new_copy(self):
    return self.__class__(self.rawsource, **self.attributes)

nodes.Element.copy = _new_copy
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