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Release 0.1.61950 (Mar 26, 2008)

* sphinx.quickstart: Fix format string for Makefile.

Release 0.1.61945 (Mar 26, 2008)

* sphinx.htmlwriter, sphinx.latexwriter: Support the ``.. image::``
  directive by copying image files to the output directory.

* sphinx.builder: Consistently name "special" HTML output directories
  with a leading underscore; this means ``_sources`` and ``_static``.

* sphinx.environment: Take dependent files into account when collecting
  the set of outdated sources.

* sphinx.directives: Record files included with ``.. literalinclude::``
  as dependencies.

* sphinx.ext.autodoc: Record files from which docstrings are included
  as dependencies.

* sphinx.builder: Rebuild all HTML files in case of a template change.

* sphinx.builder: Handle unavailability of TOC relations (previous/
  next chapter) more gracefully in the HTML builder.

* sphinx.latexwriter: Include fncychap.sty which doesn't seem to be
  very common in TeX distributions.  Add a ``clean`` target in the
  latex Makefile.  Really pass the correct paper and size options
  to the LaTeX document class.

* setup: On Python 2.4, don't egg-depend on docutils if a docutils is
  already installed -- else it will be overwritten.

Release 0.1.61843 (Mar 24, 2008)

* sphinx.quickstart: Really don't create a makefile if the user
  doesn't want one.

* setup: Don't install scripts twice, via setuptools entry points
  and distutils scripts.  Only install via entry points.

* sphinx.builder: Don't recognize the HTML builder's copied source
  files (under ``_sources``) as input files if the source suffix is

* sphinx.highlighting: Generate correct markup for LaTeX Verbatim
  environment escapes even if Pygments is not installed.

* sphinx.builder: The WebHTMLBuilder is now called PickleHTMLBuilder.

* sphinx.htmlwriter: Make parsed-literal blocks work as expected,
  not highlighting them via Pygments.

* sphinx.environment: Don't error out on reading an empty source file.

Release 0.1.61798 (Mar 23, 2008)

* sphinx: Work with docutils SVN snapshots as well as 0.4.

* sphinx.ext.doctest: Make the group in which doctest blocks are
  placed selectable, and default to ``'default'``.

* sphinx.ext.doctest: Replace ``<BLANKLINE>`` in doctest blocks by
  real blank lines for presentation output, and remove doctest
  options given inline.

* sphinx.environment: Move doctest_blocks out of block_quotes to
  support indented doctest blocks.

* sphinx.ext.autodoc: Render ``.. automodule::`` docstrings in a
  section node, so that module docstrings can contain proper

* sphinx.ext.autodoc: Use the module's encoding for decoding
  docstrings, rather than requiring ASCII.

Release 0.1.61611 (Mar 21, 2008)

* First public release.