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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Test the sphinx.config.Config class and its handling in the
    Application class.

    :copyright: Copyright 2007-2010 by the Sphinx team, see AUTHORS.
    :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.

from util import *

from sphinx.config import Config
from sphinx.errors import ExtensionError, ConfigError

@with_app(confoverrides={'master_doc': 'master', 'nonexisting_value': 'True',
                         'latex_elements.docclass': 'scrartcl'})
def test_core_config(app):
    cfg = app.config

    # simple values
    assert 'project' in cfg.__dict__
    assert cfg.project == 'Sphinx <Tests>'
    assert cfg.templates_path == ['_templates']

    # overrides
    assert cfg.master_doc == 'master'
    assert cfg.latex_elements['docclass'] == 'scrartcl'

    # simple default values
    assert 'exclude_dirs' not in cfg.__dict__
    assert cfg.exclude_dirs == []
    assert cfg.show_authors == False

    # complex default values
    assert 'html_title' not in cfg.__dict__
    assert cfg.html_title == 'Sphinx <Tests> v0.6alpha1 documentation'

    # complex default values mustn't raise
    for valuename in cfg.config_values:
        getattr(cfg, valuename)

    # "contains" gives True both for set and unset values
    assert 'project' in cfg
    assert 'html_title' in cfg
    assert 'nonexisting_value' not in cfg

    # invalid values
    raises(AttributeError, getattr, cfg, '_value')
    raises(AttributeError, getattr, cfg, 'nonexisting_value')

    # non-value attributes are deleted from the namespace
    raises(AttributeError, getattr, cfg, 'sys')

    # setting attributes
    cfg.project = 'Foo'
    assert cfg.project == 'Foo'

    # alternative access via item interface
    cfg['project'] = 'Sphinx Tests'
    assert cfg['project'] == cfg.project == 'Sphinx Tests'

def test_extension_values(app):
    cfg = app.config

    # default value
    assert cfg.value_from_ext == []
    # non-default value
    assert cfg.value_from_conf_py == 84

    # no duplicate values allowed
    raises_msg(ExtensionError, 'already present', app.add_config_value,
               'html_title', 'x', True)
    raises_msg(ExtensionError, 'already present', app.add_config_value,
               'value_from_ext', 'x', True)

def test_errors_warnings(dir):
    # test the error for syntax errors in the config file
    write_file(dir / '', 'project = \n')
    raises_msg(ConfigError, '', Config, dir, '', {}, None)

    # test the warning for bytestrings with non-ascii content
    write_file(dir / '', '# -*- coding: latin-1\nproject = "foo\xe4"\n')
    cfg = Config(dir, '', {}, None)
    warned = [False]
    def warn(msg):
        warned[0] = True
    assert warned[0]