sphinx / MANIFEST.in

Georg Brandl 7a7ca1d 

Georg Brandl 2dcb17d 
Georg Brandl 8e5bddc 
Georg Brandl 7a7ca1d 

Georg Brandl a24e93f 
Georg Brandl 7a7ca1d 
Georg Brandl 09a16ec 
Georg Brandl 1967b07 
Georg Brandl 09a16ec 
Georg Brandl 4d927a5 
Georg Brandl 09a16ec 

Georg Brandl 7d389fe 
Georg Brandl 9aa614a 
Georg Brandl 7a7ca1d 
Georg Brandl 09a16ec 
Georg Brandl 7a7ca1d 
include README
include LICENSE
include AUTHORS
include CHANGES
include EXAMPLES
include TODO

include babel.cfg
include Makefile
include distribute_setup.py
include sphinx-autogen.py
include sphinx-build.py
include sphinx-quickstart.py
include sphinx-apidoc.py

recursive-include sphinx/texinputs *
recursive-include sphinx/themes *
recursive-include sphinx/locale *
recursive-include sphinx/ext/autosummary/templates *
recursive-include tests *
recursive-include utils *
recursive-include custom_fixers *
include sphinx/pycode/Grammar.txt

recursive-include doc *
prune doc/_build
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