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Georg Brandl 4da052f 

Sphinx is written and maintained by Georg Brandl <georg@python.org>.

Substantial parts of the templates were written by Armin Ronacher

Other contributors, listed alphabetically, are:

* Andi Albrecht -- agogo theme
* Henrique Bastos -- SVG support for graphviz extension
* Daniel Bültmann -- todo extension
* Etienne Desautels -- apidoc module
* Michael Droettboom -- inheritance_diagram extension
* Charles Duffy -- original graphviz extension
* Kevin Dunn -- MathJax extension
* Josip Dzolonga -- coverage builder
* Horst Gutmann -- internationalization support
* Martin Hans -- autodoc improvements
* Doug Hellmann -- graphviz improvements
* Dave Kuhlman -- original LaTeX writer
* Blaise Laflamme -- pyramid theme
* Thomas Lamb -- linkcheck builder
* Łukasz Langa -- partial support for autodoc
* Robert Lehmann -- gettext builder (GSOC project)
* Dan MacKinlay -- metadata fixes
* Martin Mahner -- nature theme
* Will Maier -- directory HTML builder
* Jacob Mason -- websupport library (GSOC project)
* Roland Meister -- epub builder
* Ezio Melotti -- collapsible sidebar JavaScript
* Daniel Neuhäuser -- JavaScript domain, Python 3 support (GSOC)
* Christopher Perkins -- autosummary integration
* Benjamin Peterson -- unittests
* T. Powers -- HTML output improvements
* Stefan Seefeld -- toctree improvements
* Shibukawa Yoshiki -- pluggable search API and Japanese search
* Antonio Valentino -- qthelp builder
* Pauli Virtanen -- autodoc improvements, autosummary extension
* Stefan van der Walt -- autosummary extension
* Thomas Waldmann -- apidoc module fixes
* John Waltman -- Texinfo builder
* Barry Warsaw -- setup command improvements
* Sebastian Wiesner -- image handling, distutils support
* Joel Wurtz -- cellspanning support in LaTeX

Many thanks for all contributions!

There are also a few modules or functions incorporated from other
authors and projects:

* sphinx.util.jsdump uses the basestring encoding from simplejson,
  written by Bob Ippolito, released under the MIT license
* sphinx.util.stemmer was written by Vivake Gupta, placed in the
  Public Domain