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Release 0.1.61798 (Mar 23, 2008)

* sphinx: Work with docutils SVN snapshots as well as 0.4.

* sphinx.ext.doctest: Make the group in which doctest blocks are
  placed selectable, and default to ``'default'``.

* sphinx.ext.doctest: Replace <BLANKLINE> in doctest blocks by
  real blank lines for presentation output, and remove doctest
  options given inline.

* sphinx.environment: Move doctest_blocks out of block_quotes to
  support indented doctest blocks.

* sphinx.ext.autodoc: Render .. automodule:: docstrings in a section
  node, so that module docstrings can contain proper sectioning.

* sphinx.ext.autodoc: Use the module's encoding for decoding
  docstrings, rather than requiring ASCII.

Release 0.1.61611 (Mar 21, 2008)

First public release.