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Projects using Sphinx

This is an (incomplete) alphabetic list of projects that use Sphinx or
are experimenting with using it for their documentation.  If you like to
be included, please mail to `the Google group

I've grouped the list into sections to make it easier to find
interesting examples.

Documentation using the default theme

* APSW: http://apidoc.apsw.googlecode.com/hg/index.html
* ASE: https://wiki.fysik.dtu.dk/ase/
* boostmpi: http://documen.tician.de/boostmpi/
* Calibre: http://calibre.kovidgoyal.net/user_manual/
* CodePy: http://documen.tician.de/codepy/
* Cython: http://docs.cython.org/
* C\\C++ Python language binding project: http://language-binding.net/index.html
* Director: http://packages.python.org/director/
* F2py: http://www.f2py.org/html/
* GeoDjango: http://geodjango.org/docs/
* gevent: http://www.gevent.org/
* Google Wave API: http://wave-robot-python-client.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/pydocs/index.html
* GSL Shell: http://www.nongnu.org/gsl-shell/
* Hedge: http://documen.tician.de/hedge/
* Kaa: http://doc.freevo.org/api/kaa/
* MeshPy: http://documen.tician.de/meshpy/
* mpmath: http://mpmath.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/doc/build/index.html
* OpenEXR: http://excamera.com/articles/26/doc/index.html
* OpenGDA: http://www.opengda.org/gdadoc/html/
* openWNS: http://docs.openwns.org/
* Paste: http://pythonpaste.org/script/
* Paver: http://www.blueskyonmars.com/projects/paver/
* Pyccuracy: http://www.pyccuracy.org/
* PyCuda: http://documen.tician.de/pycuda/
* Pyevolve: http://pyevolve.sourceforge.net/
* Pylo: http://documen.tician.de/pylo/
* PyMQI: http://packages.python.org/pymqi/
* PyPubSub: http://pubsub.sourceforge.net/
* pyrticle: http://documen.tician.de/pyrticle/
* Python: http://docs.python.org/
* python-apt: http://apt.alioth.debian.org/python-apt-doc/
* PyUblas: http://documen.tician.de/pyublas/
* Quex: http://quex.sourceforge.net/doc/html/main.html
* Scapy: http://www.secdev.org/projects/scapy/doc/
* SimPy: http://simpy.sourceforge.net/SimPyDocs/index.html
* SymPy: http://docs.sympy.org/
* WTForms: http://wtforms.simplecodes.com/docs/
* z3c: http://docs.carduner.net/z3c-tutorial/

Documentation using a customized version of the default theme

* Advanced Generic Widgets:
* Bazaar: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/en/
* Chaco: http://code.enthought.com/projects/chaco/docs/html/
* Djagios: http://djagios.org/
* GetFEM++: http://home.gna.org/getfem/
* GPAW: https://wiki.fysik.dtu.dk/gpaw/
* Grok: http://grok.zope.org/doc/current/
* IFM: http://fluffybunny.memebot.com/ifm-docs/index.html
* LEPL: http://www.acooke.org/lepl/
* Mayavi: http://code.enthought.com/projects/mayavi/docs/development/html/mayavi
* NOC: http://trac.nocproject.org/trac/wiki/NocGuide
* NumPy: http://docs.scipy.org/doc/numpy/reference/
* Peach^3: http://peach3.nl/doc/latest/userdoc/
* Py on Windows: http://timgolden.me.uk/python-on-windows/
* PyLit: http://pylit.berlios.de/
* Sage: http://sagemath.org/doc/
* SciPy: http://docs.scipy.org/doc/scipy/reference/
* simuPOP: http://simupop.sourceforge.net/manual_release/build/userGuide.html
* Sprox: http://sprox.org/
* TurboGears: http://turbogears.org/2.0/docs/
* Zope: http://docs.zope.org/zope2/index.html
* zc.async: http://packages.python.org/zc.async/1.5.0/

Documentation using the sphinxdoc theme

* Fityk: http://www.unipress.waw.pl/fityk/
* MapServer: http://mapserver.org/
* Matplotlib: http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/
* Music21: http://mit.edu/music21/doc/html/contents.html
* MyHDL: http://www.myhdl.org/doc/0.6/
* NetworkX: http://networkx.lanl.gov/
* Pweave: http://mpastell.com/pweave/
* Pysparse: http://pysparse.sourceforge.net/
* PyTango:
* Reteisi: http://docs.argolinux.org/reteisi/
* Satchmo: http://www.satchmoproject.com/docs/svn/
* Sphinx: http://sphinx.pocoo.org/
* Sqlkit: http://sqlkit.argolinux.org/
* Tau: http://www.tango-controls.org/static/tau/latest/doc/html/index.html
* Total Open Station: http://tops.berlios.de/
* WebFaction: http://docs.webfaction.com/

Documentation using another builtin theme

* C/C++ Development with Eclipse: http://book.dehlia.in/c-cpp-eclipse/ (agogo)
* Distribute: http://packages.python.org/distribute/ (nature)
* Jinja: http://jinja.pocoo.org/2/documentation/ (scrolls)
* pip: http://pip.openplans.org/ (nature)
* Programmieren mit PyGTK und Glade (German):
  http://www.florian-diesch.de/doc/python-und-glade/online/ (agogo)
* pypol: http://pypol.altervista.org/ (nature)
* Spring Python: http://springpython.webfactional.com/current/sphinx/index.html
* sqlparse: http://python-sqlparse.googlecode.com/svn/docs/api/index.html
* libLAS: http://liblas.org/ (nature)

Documentation using a custom theme/integrated in a site

* Blender: http://www.blender.org/documentation/250PythonDoc/
* Blinker: http://discorporate.us/projects/Blinker/docs/
* Classy: classy: http://classy.pocoo.org/
* Django: http://docs.djangoproject.com/
* Flask: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/
* Flask-OpenID: http://packages.python.org/Flask-OpenID/
* GeoServer: http://docs.geoserver.org/
* Glashammer: http://glashammer.org/
* MirrorBrain: http://mirrorbrain.org/docs/
* nose: http://somethingaboutorange.com/mrl/projects/nose/
* ObjectListView: http://objectlistview.sourceforge.net/python
* Open ERP: http://doc.openerp.com/
* OpenLayers: http://docs.openlayers.org/
* PyEphem: http://rhodesmill.org/pyephem/
* Pylons: http://pylonshq.com/docs/en/0.9.7/
* PyMOTW: http://www.doughellmann.com/PyMOTW/
* qooxdoo: http://manual.qooxdoo.org/current
* Roundup: http://www.roundup-tracker.org/
* Selenium: http://seleniumhq.org/docs/
* Self: http://selflanguage.org/
* SQLAlchemy: http://www.sqlalchemy.org/docs/
* tinyTiM: http://tinytim.sourceforge.net/docs/2.0/
* tipfy: http://www.tipfy.org/docs/
* Werkzeug: http://werkzeug.pocoo.org/documentation/dev/
* WFront: http://discorporate.us/projects/WFront/

Homepages and other non-documentation sites

* Applied Mathematics at the Stellenbosch University: http://dip.sun.ac.za/
* A personal page: http://www.dehlia.in/
* Benoit Boissinot: http://perso.ens-lyon.fr/benoit.boissinot/
* lunarsite: http://lunaryorn.de/
* The Wine Cellar Book: http://www.thewinecellarbook.com/doc/en/
* VOR: http://www.vor-cycling.be/
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