Takayuki Shimizukawa avatar Takayuki Shimizukawa committed 03cb1c0

fix #440 #1008 : coarse timestamp resolution in some filesystem generate wrong outdated file-list

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             app.emit('doctree-read', doctree)
         # store time of build, for outdated files detection
-        self.all_docs[docname] = time.time()
+        # note::
+        #  Some filesystem's have coarse timestamp resolution.
+        #  Therefore time.time() is older than filesystem's timestamp.
+        #  ex. FAT32 have 2sec resolution.
+        self.all_docs[docname] = max(
+                time.time(), path.getmtime(self.doc2path(docname)))
         if self.versioning_condition:
             # get old doctree
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