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Added more domain links.

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 The sphinx-contrib_ repository contains more domains available as extensions;
-currently Ada, CoffeeScript_, Erlang_, HTTP_, Jinja_, PHP_, Ruby, and Scala_
+currently Ada_, CoffeeScript_, Erlang_, HTTP_, Lasso_, MATLAB_, PHP_, and Ruby_
+domains. Also available are domains for `Common Lisp`_, dqn_, Go_, Jinja_,
+Operation_, and Scala_.
 .. _sphinx-contrib:
+.. _Ada:
 .. _CoffeeScript:
+.. _Common Lisp:
+.. _dqn:
 .. _Erlang:
+.. _Go:
 .. _HTTP:
 .. _Jinja:
+.. _Lasso:
+.. _MATLAB:
+.. _Operation:
+.. _PHP:
+.. _Ruby:
 .. _Scala:
-.. _PHP:
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