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actually use exception markup

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 .. module:: sphinx.errors
-.. class:: SphinxError
+.. exception:: SphinxError
    This is the base class for "nice" exceptions.  When such an exception is
    raised, Sphinx will abort the build and present the exception category and
       to a string ("category: message").  Should be set accordingly in
-.. class:: ConfigError
+.. exception:: ConfigError
    Used for erroneous values or nonsensical combinations of configuration
-.. class:: ExtensionError
+.. exception:: ExtensionError
    Used for errors in setting up extensions.
-.. class:: ThemeError
+.. exception:: ThemeError
    Used for errors to do with themes.
-.. class:: VersionRequirementError
+.. exception:: VersionRequirementError
    Raised when the docs require a higher Sphinx version than the current one.