Takayuki Shimizukawa avatar Takayuki Shimizukawa committed 215ca64

fix: output all html every time with python3.3.

Sphinx detect config changing by hash(str(cfgdict)).
In python3.3, str(dict_instance) retun another string per process.

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 LAST_BUILD_FILENAME = 'last_build'
+def get_object_hash(obj):
+    """
+    In python3.3, unicode(dict_instance) retun another string per process.
+    get_object_hash(dict_instance) return same hash for same dict_instance.
+    """
+    if isinstance(obj, dict):
+        return get_object_hash(list(obj.items()))
+    elif isinstance(obj, (list, tuple)):
+        obj = sorted(get_object_hash(o) for o in obj)
+    else:  # int or other objects
+        pass
+    return md5(unicode(obj).encode('utf8')).hexdigest()
 class StandaloneHTMLBuilder(Builder):
     Builds standalone HTML docs.
         cfgdict = dict((name, self.config[name])
                        for (name, desc) in self.config.values.iteritems()
                        if desc[1] == 'html')
-        self.config_hash = md5(unicode(cfgdict).encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()
-        self.tags_hash = md5(unicode(sorted(self.tags)).encode('utf-8')) \
-                .hexdigest()
+        self.config_hash = get_object_hash(cfgdict)
+        self.tags_hash = get_object_hash(sorted(self.tags))
         old_config_hash = old_tags_hash = ''
             fp = open(path.join(self.outdir, '.buildinfo'))
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