Georg Brandl avatar Georg Brandl committed 236bfad

Fix running tests under Python 3 without tox.

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     from distutils.util import copydir_run_2to3
     testroot = path.dirname(__file__) or '.'
     if 'BUILD_TEST_PATH' in environ:
-        # for tox test.
+        # for tox testing
         newroot = environ['BUILD_TEST_PATH']
-        # tox install sphinx package, not need sys.path.insert.
+        # tox installs the sphinx package, no need for sys.path.insert
         newroot = path.join(testroot, path.pardir, 'build')
         newroot = path.join(newroot, listdir(newroot)[0], 'tests')
         # always test the sphinx package from build/lib/
-        sys.path.insert(0, path.join(newroot, path.pardir))
+        sys.path.insert(0, path.abspath(path.join(newroot, path.pardir)))
     copydir_run_2to3(testroot, newroot)
     # switch to the converted dir so nose tests the right tests
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