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Some small fixes

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 epub_scheme = 'url'
 epub_identifier = epub_publisher
 epub_pre_files = [('index.html', 'Welcome')]
+epub_post_files = [('install.html', 'Installing Sphinx'),
+    ('develop.html', 'Sphinx development')]
 epub_exclude_files = ['_static/opensearch.xml', '_static/doctools.js',
     '_static/jquery.js', '_static/searchtools.js', '_static/underscore.js',
     '_static/basic.css', 'search.html', '_static/websupport.js']
 Python. Look at Left sidebar and "Quick Links", Click "Windows
 Installer" to download.
-.. image:: pythonorg.jpg
+.. image:: pythonorg.png
 .. note::
Add a comment to this file


Old image
New image


 img {
     border: 0;
+    max-width: 100%;
 /* -- relbar ---------------------------------------------------------------- */
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