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File doc/invocation.rst

 The :program:`sphinx-build` script has several options:
+.. program:: sphinx-build
 .. option:: -b buildername
    The most important option: it selects a builder.  The most common builders
 .. describe:: SPHINXOPTS
    Additional options for :program:`sphinx-build`.
+.. _invocation-apidoc:
+Invocation of sphinx-apidoc
+The :program:`sphinx-apidoc` generates completely automatic API documentation
+for a Python package.  It is called like this::
+     $ sphinx-apidoc [options] -o outputdir packagedir [pathnames]
+where *packagedir* is the path to the package to document, and *outputdir* is
+the directory where the generated sources are placed.  Any *pathnames* given
+are paths to be excluded ignored during generation.
+The :program:`sphinx-apidoc` script has several options:
+.. program:: sphinx-apidoc
+.. option:: -o outputdir
+   Gives the directory in which to place the generated output.
+.. option:: -f, --force
+   Normally, sphinx-apidoc does not overwrite any files.  Use this option to
+   force the overwrite of all files that it generates.
+.. option:: -n, --dry-run
+   With this option given, no files will be written at all.
+.. option:: -s suffix
+   This option selects the file name suffix of output files.  By default, this
+   is ``rst``.
+.. option:: -d maxdepth
+   This sets the maximum depth of the table of contents, if one is generated.
+.. option:: -T, --no-toc
+   This prevents the generation of a table-of-contents file ``modules.rst``.
+   This has no effect when :option:`--full` is given.
+.. option:: -F, --full
+   This option makes sphinx-apidoc create a full Sphinx project, using the same
+   mechanism as :program:`sphinx-quickstart`.  Most configuration values are set
+   to default values, but you can influence the most important ones using the
+   following options.
+.. option:: -H project
+   Sets the project name to put in generated files (see :confval:`project`).
+.. option:: -A author
+   Sets the author name(s) to put in generated files (see :confval:`copyright`).
+.. option:: -V version
+   Sets the project version to put in generated files (see :confval:`version`).
+.. option:: -R release
+   Sets the project release to put in generated files (see :confval:`release`).

File doc/man/sphinx-apidoc.rst

-**sphinx-apidoc** [*options*] -o <*outputdir*> <*sourcedir*> [*filenames* ...]
+**sphinx-apidoc** [*options*] -o <*outputdir*> <*sourcedir*> [*pathnames* ...]
 that, using the autodoc extension, document a whole package in the style of
 other automatic API documentation tools.
+*sourcedir* must point to a Python package.  Any *pathnames* given are paths to
+be excluded from the generation.
 -H <project>    Project name to put into the configuration.
 -A <author>     Author name(s) to put into the configuration.
--V <version>    Project version, see :confval:`release`.
--R <release>    Project release, see :confval:`release`.
+-V <version>    Project version.
+-R <release>    Project release.
 See also

File doc/tutorial.rst

 and answer its questions.  (Be sure to say yes to the "autodoc" extension.)
+There is also an automatic "API documentation" generator called
+:program:`sphinx-apidoc`; see :ref:`invocation-apidoc` for details.
 Defining document structure