Michael Schlenker avatar Michael Schlenker committed 545d161

Add .. rubric:: to the list of special cased nodes for gettext.

The ``.. rubric:: Title`` does not get extracted in all places without, due to the missing node.source field, quite like the title fields.

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         # this issue was filed to Docutils tracker:
         # sf.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3599485&group_id=38414&atid=422032
         # sourceforge.net/p/docutils/patches/108/
-        if isinstance(node, (nodes.caption, nodes.title)) and not node.source:
+        if isinstance(node, (nodes.caption, nodes.title, nodes.rubric)) and not node.source:
             node.source = node.parent.source
             node.line = 0  #need fix docutils to get `node.line`
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