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LaTeX writer: include cmap package by default

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File doc/config.rst

         "Rejne".  You can also set this to ``''`` to disable fncychap.
         Additional preamble content, default empty.
-     ``'footer'```
+     ``'footer'``
         Additional footer content (before the indices), default empty.
    * Keys that don't need be overridden unless in special cases are:
         "inputenc" package inclusion, default
+     ``'cmappkg'``
+        "cmap" package inclusion, default ``'\\usepackage{cmap}'``.
+        .. versionadded:: 1.2
         "fontenc" package inclusion, default ``'\\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}'``.

File sphinx/writers/

         'extraclassoptions': '',
         'inputenc':        '\\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}',
         'utf8extra':       '\\DeclareUnicodeCharacter{00A0}{\\nobreakspace}',
+        'cmappkg':         '\\usepackage{cmap}',
         'fontenc':         '\\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}',
         'babel':           '\\usepackage{babel}',
         'fontpkg':         '\\usepackage{times}',