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Georg Brandl  committed 5aa59a0

Fix long line and test failure.

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File sphinx/writers/latex.py

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                 self.body.append('{|' + ('L|' * self.table.colcount) + '}\n')
         if self.table.longtable and self.table.caption is not None:
-            self.body.append(u'\\capstart\\caption{%s} \\\\\n' % self.table.caption)
+            self.body.append(u'\\capstart\\caption{%s} \\\\\n' %
+                             self.table.caption)
         if self.table.caption is not None:
             for id in self.next_table_ids:
                 self.body.append(self.hypertarget(id, anchor=False))

File tests/test_build_html.py

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 %(root)s/images.txt:23: WARNING: nonlocal image URI found: \
 %(root)s/includes.txt:\\d*: \\(WARNING/2\\) Encoding 'utf-8-sig' used for \
-reading included file u'wrongenc.inc' seems to be wrong, try giving an \
+reading included file u'.*?wrongenc.inc' seems to be wrong, try giving an \
 :encoding: option\\n?
 %(root)s/includes.txt:4: WARNING: download file not readable: nonexisting.png
 %(root)s/objects.txt:\\d*: WARNING: using old C markup; please migrate to \