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Merged in kou/sphinx/i18n-term-translatable (pull request #72)

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 def extract_messages(doctree):
     """Extract translatable messages from a document tree."""
     for node in doctree.traverse(nodes.TextElement):
+        # workaround: nodes.term doesn't have source, line and rawsource
+        # It should be fixed in Docutils. There is a patch for it in Docutils
+        # tracker:
+        if isinstance(node, nodes.term) and not node.source:
+            definition_list_item = node.parent;
+            node.source = definition_list_item.source
+            node.line = definition_list_item.line - 1
+            node.rawsource = definition_list_item.rawsource.split("\n", 2)[0]
         if not node.source:
             continue # built-in message
         if isinstance(node, IGNORED_NODES):
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