Nozomu Kaneko avatar Nozomu Kaneko committed 5e53e87

fix #1056: message "Return value: ..." generated by refcounting not localized

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 from docutils import nodes
 from sphinx import addnodes
+from sphinx.locale import _
 # refcount annotation
             elif entry.result_type not in ("PyObject*", "PyVarObject*"):
-            rc = 'Return value: '
+            rc = _('Return value: ')
             if entry.result_refs is None:
-                rc += "Always NULL."
+                rc += _("Always NULL.")
-                rc += (entry.result_refs and "New" or "Borrowed") + \
-                      " reference."
+                if entry.result_refs:
+                    rc += _("New reference.")
+                else:
+                    rc += _("Borrowed reference.")
             node.insert(0, refcount(rc, rc))
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