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File doc/builders.rst

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 Available builders
-.. module:: sphinx.builder
+.. module:: sphinx.builders
    :synopsis: Available built-in builder classes.
 These are the built-in Sphinx builders.  More builders can be added by
 :program:`sphinx-build` to select a builder.
+.. module:: sphinx.builders.html
 .. class:: StandaloneHTMLBuilder
    This is the standard HTML builder.  Its output is a directory with HTML
    Its name is ``htmlhelp``. 
+.. module:: sphinx.builders.latex
 .. class:: LaTeXBuilder
    This builder produces a bunch of LaTeX files in the output directory.  You
    Its name is ``latex``.
+.. module:: sphinx.builders.text
 .. class:: TextBuilder
    This builder produces a text file for each reST file -- this is almost the
    .. versionadded:: 0.4
+.. currentmodule:: sphinx.builders.html
 .. class:: SerializingHTMLBuilder
    This builder uses a module that implements the Python serialization API
    .. versionadded:: 0.5
+.. module:: sphinx.builders.changes
 .. class:: ChangesBuilder
    This builder produces an HTML overview of all :dir:`versionadded`,
    Its name is ``changes``.
+.. module:: sphinx.builders.linkcheck
 .. class:: CheckExternalLinksBuilder
    This builder scans all documents for external links, tries to open them with

File doc/config.rst

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 * The term "fully-qualified name" refers to a string that names an importable
   Python object inside a module; for example, the FQN
-  ``"sphinx.builder.Builder"`` means the ``Builder`` class in the
-  ``sphinx.builder`` module.
+  ``"sphinx.builders.Builder"`` means the ``Builder`` class in the
+  ``sphinx.builders`` module.
 * Remember that document names use ``/`` as the path separator and don't contain
   the file name extension.
 .. confval:: html_translator_class
    A string with the fully-qualified name of a HTML Translator class, that is, a
-   subclass of Sphinx' :class:`~sphinx.htmlwriter.HTMLTranslator`, that is used
+   subclass of Sphinx' :class:`~sphinx.writers.html.HTMLTranslator`, that is used
    to translate document trees to HTML.  Default is ``None`` (use the builtin

File doc/ext/appapi.rst

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 .. method:: Sphinx.add_builder(builder)
    Register a new builder.  *builder* must be a class that inherits from
-   :class:`~sphinx.builder.Builder`.
+   :class:`~sphinx.builders.Builder`.
 .. method:: Sphinx.add_config_value(name, default, rebuild_env)

File doc/ext/builderapi.rst

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 .. todo:: Expand this.
-.. currentmodule:: sphinx.builder
+.. currentmodule:: sphinx.builders
 .. class:: Builder

File doc/glossary.rst

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 .. glossary::
-      A class (inheriting from :class:`~sphinx.builder.Builder`) that takes
+      A class (inheriting from :class:`~sphinx.builders.Builder`) that takes
       parsed documents and performs an action on them.  Normally, builders
       translate the documents to an output format, but it is also possible to
       use the builder builders that e.g. check for broken links in the

File doc/templating.rst

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   configuration value accordingly.
 * You can :ref:`write a custom builder <writing-builders>` that derives from
-  :class:`~sphinx.builder.StandaloneHTMLBuilder` and calls your template engine
+  :class:`~sphinx.builders.StandaloneHTMLBuilder` and calls your template engine
   of choice.
-* You can use the :class:`~sphinx.builder.PickleHTMLBuilder` that produces
+* You can use the :class:`~sphinx.builders.PickleHTMLBuilder` that produces
   pickle files with the page contents, and postprocess them using a custom tool,
   or use them in your Web application.

File sphinx/ext/coverage.py

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 import cPickle as pickle
 from os import path
-from sphinx.builder import Builder
+from sphinx.builders import Builder
 # utility

File sphinx/ext/doctest.py

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 from docutils import nodes
 from docutils.parsers.rst import directives
-from sphinx.builder import Builder
+from sphinx.builders import Builder
 from sphinx.util.console import bold
 blankline_re = re.compile(r'^\s*<BLANKLINE>', re.MULTILINE)