A. Jesse Jiryu Davis avatar A. Jesse Jiryu Davis committed 6b7659a

Respect add_autodoc_attrgetter() even when inherited-members is set

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         elif self.options.inherited_members:
             # safe_getmembers() uses dir() which pulls in members from all
             # base classes
-            members = safe_getmembers(self.object)
+            members = safe_getmembers(self.object, attr_getter=self.get_attr)
             # __dict__ contains only the members directly defined in
             # the class (but get them via getattr anyway, to e.g. get


         raise AttributeError(name)
-def safe_getmembers(object, predicate=None):
+def safe_getmembers(object, predicate=None, attr_getter=safe_getattr):
     """A version of inspect.getmembers() that uses safe_getattr()."""
     results = []
     for key in dir(object):
-            value = safe_getattr(object, key, None)
+            value = attr_getter(object, key, None)
         except AttributeError:
         if not predicate or predicate(value):
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