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Add changelog entry and docs for builder rename.

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 * sphinx.highlighting: Generate correct markup for LaTeX Verbatim
   environment escapes even if Pygments is not installed.
+* sphinx.builder: The WebHTMLBuilder is now called PickleHTMLBuilder.
 Release 0.1.61798 (Mar 23, 2008)

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    Its name is ``htmlhelp``. 
-.. class:: WebHTMLBuilder
+.. class:: PickleHTMLBuilder
    This builder produces a directory with pickle files containing mostly HTML
    fragments and TOC information, for use of a web application (or custom
    postprocessing tool) that doesn't use the standard HTML templates.
    It also is the format used by the Sphinx Web application.  Its name is
-   ``web``.
+   ``pickle``.  (The old name ``web`` still works as well.)
 .. class:: LaTeXBuilder