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 Release 1.0.6 (in development)
+* Fix strange reportings of line numbers for warnings generated from
+  autodoc-included docstrings, due to different behavior depending
+  on docutils version.
 * Several fixes to the C++ domain.

File sphinx/domains/

         'mutable':      None,
         'const':        None,
         'typename':     None,
-        'unsigned':     set(('char', 'int', 'long')),
-        'signed':       set(('char', 'int', 'long')),
-        'short':        set(('int', 'short')),
+        'unsigned':     set(('char', 'short', 'int', 'long')),
+        'signed':       set(('char', 'short', 'int', 'long')),
+        'short':        set(('int',)),
         'long':         set(('int', 'long', 'double'))

File sphinx/ext/

         return getattr(self.reporter, name)
     def system_message(self, level, message, *children, **kwargs):
-        if 'line' in kwargs:
+        if 'line' in kwargs and 'source' not in kwargs:
                 source, line = self.viewlist.items[kwargs['line']]
             except IndexError:
         # make sure that the result starts with an empty line.  This is
         # necessary for some situations where another directive preprocesses
         # reST and no starting newline is present
-        self.add_line(u'', '')
+        self.add_line(u'', '<autodoc>')
         # format the object's signature, if any
         sig = self.format_signature()

File tests/root/autodoc.txt

 .. autoclass:: CustomDict
+.. automodule:: autodoc_fodder
+   :noindex:
+   .. autoclass:: MarkupError

File tests/

 html_warnfile = StringIO()
+%(root)s/ of autodoc_fodder\\.MarkupError:2: \
+\\(WARNING/2\\) Explicit markup ends without a blank line; unexpected \
 %(root)s/images.txt:9: WARNING: image file not readable: foo.png
 %(root)s/images.txt:23: WARNING: nonlocal image URI found: \