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Georg Brandl  committed 867fc74

Fix regressions introduced with #556 fix: explicitly add line break in the
index visitor if the index node is a block one.

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 Release 1.0.7 (in development)
+* Fix regression of LaTeX output with the fix of #556.
 * #568: Fix lookup of class attribute documentation on descriptors
   so that comment documentation now works.

File sphinx/directives/other.py

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         indexnode = addnodes.index()
         indexnode['entries'] = ne = []
+        indexnode['inline'] = False
         for entry in arguments:
             entry = entry.strip()
             for type in pairindextypes:

File sphinx/writers/latex.py

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     def visit_index(self, node, scre=re.compile(r';\s*')):
+        if not node.get('inline'):
+            self.body.append('\n')
         entries = node['entries']
         for type, string, tid, _ in entries:
             if type == 'single':