Roland Meister  committed 879ebb3

Bug #1046: templating toctree() does not expand to maxdepth past maxdepth

If the current page is nested larger than maxdepth it gets deleted
before it can be marked as current. The toctree then callapses to
the top entries. Split _walk_depth in two parts, first just add
the current tag, and remove unneeded entries in a second call.

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File sphinx/

                     if maxdepth > 0 and depth > maxdepth:
                         subnode.parent.replace(subnode, [])
-                        # to find out what to collapse, *first* walk subitems,
-                        # since that determines which children point to the
-                        # current page
+                        # recurse on children
                         _walk_depth(subnode, depth+1, maxdepth)
                         # cull sub-entries whose parents aren't 'current'
                         if (collapse and depth > 1 and
                             'iscurrent' not in subnode.parent):
+        def _mark_current(node):
+            """Mark current page and its parents with the 'current' class."""
+            for subnode in node.children[:]:
+                if isinstance(subnode, (addnodes.compact_paragraph,
+                                        nodes.list_item, nodes.bullet_list)):
+                    # for <p>, <li> and <ul>, just recurse to children
+                    _mark_current(subnode)
                 elif isinstance(subnode, nodes.reference):
-                    # for <a>, identify which entries point to the current
-                    # document and therefore may not be collapsed
+                    # for <a>, identify the current document
                     if subnode['refuri'] == docname:
                         if not subnode['anchorname']:
                             # give the whole branch a 'current' class
         newnode['toctree'] = True
         # prune the tree to maxdepth and replace titles, also set level classes
+        _mark_current(newnode)
         _walk_depth(newnode, 1, prune and maxdepth or 0)
         # set the target paths in the toctrees (they are not known at TOC