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#157: fix make check.

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 	@$(PYTHON) utils/ -i sphinx/style/jquery.js \
 		-i sphinx/pycode/pgen2 -i sphinx/util/ \
-		-i doc/_build -i -i tests/ .
+		-i doc/_build -i -i tests/ -i tests/ .
 clean: clean-pyc clean-patchfiles


+# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


                                  u'title="%s">\u00B6</a>' %
                                  _('Permalink to this headline'))
             elif close_tag.startswith('</a></h'):
-                self.body.append(u'</a><a class="headerlink" href="#%s" ' % aname +
+                self.body.append(u'</a><a class="headerlink" href="#%s" ' %
+                                 aname +
                                  u'title="%s">\u00B6' %
                                  _('Permalink to this headline'))
         BaseTranslator.depart_title(self, node)
     def unknown_visit(self, node):


 def test_latex_escaping():
     # correct escaping in normal mode
-    yield verify, u'Γ\\\\∞$', None, ur'\(\Gamma\)\textbackslash{}\(\infty\)\$'
+    yield (verify, u'Γ\\\\∞$', None,
+                   ur'\(\Gamma\)\textbackslash{}\(\infty\)\$')
     # in verbatim code fragments
     yield (verify, u'::\n\n @Γ\\∞$[]', None,
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