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   directive or currentclass directive.
 * #1419: Generated i18n sphinx.js files are missing message catalog entries
   from '.js_t' and '.html'. The issue was introduced in Sphinx 1.1.
+* #636: Keep straight single quotes in literal blocks in the LaTeX build.

File sphinx/highlighting.py

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+# used if Pygments is available
+# use textcomp quote to get a true single quote
 class PygmentsBridge(object):
     # Set these attributes if you want to have different Pygments formatters
         if self.dest == 'html':
             return formatter.get_style_defs('.highlight')
-            return formatter.get_style_defs()
+            return formatter.get_style_defs() + _LATEX_ADD_STYLES

File sphinx/texinputs/sphinx.sty

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 % For parsed-literal blocks.
+% Display "real" single quotes in literal blocks.
 % Redefine these colors to your liking in the preamble.