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Fix #616: Allow keywords to be linked via intersphinx.

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 Release 1.0.8 (Sep 22, 2011)
+* #616: Allow keywords to be linked via intersphinx.
 * #613: Allow Unicode characters in production list token names.
 * #720: Add dummy visitors for graphviz nodes for text and man.


     object_types = {
         'term': ObjType(l_('glossary term'), 'term', searchprio=-1),
         'token': ObjType(l_('grammar token'), 'token', searchprio=-1),
-        'label': ObjType(l_('reference label'), 'ref', searchprio=-1),
+        'label': ObjType(l_('reference label'), 'ref', 'keyword',
+                         searchprio=-1),
         'envvar': ObjType(l_('environment variable'), 'envvar'),
         'cmdoption': ObjType(l_('program option'), 'option'),


 from docutils import nodes
+from sphinx.locale import _
 handlers = [urllib2.ProxyHandler(), urllib2.HTTPRedirectHandler(),
             proj, version, uri, dispname = inventory[objtype][target]
             newnode = nodes.reference('', '', internal=False, refuri=uri,
-                                      reftitle='(in %s v%s)' % (proj, version))
+                                      reftitle=_('(in %s v%s)') % (proj, version))
             if node.get('refexplicit'):
                 # use whatever title was given
-            elif dispname == '-':
+            elif dispname == '-' or \
+                    (domain == 'std' and node['reftype'] == 'keyword'):
                 # use whatever title was given, but strip prefix
                 title = contnode.astext()
                 if in_set and title.startswith(in_set+':'):
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