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 This is an (incomplete) alphabetic list of projects that use Sphinx or
 are experimenting with using it for their documentation.  If you like to
 be included, please mail to `the Google group
 I've grouped the list into sections to make it easier to find
 interesting examples.
 * Chaco: http://code.enthought.com/projects/chaco/docs/html/
 * Djagios: http://djagios.org/
 * GetFEM++: http://home.gna.org/getfem/
+* Google or-tools: https://or-tools.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/documentation/user_manual/index.html
 * GPAW: https://wiki.fysik.dtu.dk/gpaw/
 * Grok: http://grok.zope.org/doc/current/
 * IFM: http://fluffybunny.memebot.com/ifm-docs/index.html
 * Sqlkit: http://sqlkit.argolinux.org/
 * Tau: http://www.tango-controls.org/static/tau/latest/doc/html/index.html
 * Total Open Station: http://tops.berlios.de/
+* Turbulenz: http://docs.turbulenz.com/
 * WebFaction: http://docs.webfaction.com/
 * Sylli: http://sylli.sourceforge.net/ (nature)
 * libLAS: http://liblas.org/ (nature)
+* Valence: http://docs.valence.desire2learn.com/ (haiku)
 Documentation using a custom theme/integrated in a site
 * Blender: http://www.blender.org/documentation/250PythonDoc/
 * Blinker: http://discorporate.us/projects/Blinker/docs/
-* Classy: classy: http://classy.pocoo.org/
+* Classy: http://classy.pocoo.org/
+* DEAP: http://deap.gel.ulaval.ca/doc/0.8/index.html
 * Django: http://docs.djangoproject.com/
 * e-cidadania: http://e-cidadania.readthedocs.org/en/latest/
 * Flask: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/
 * Gameduino: http://excamera.com/sphinx/gameduino/
 * GeoServer: http://docs.geoserver.org/
 * Glashammer: http://glashammer.org/
+* Istihza (Turkish Python documentation project): http://www.istihza.com/py2/icindekiler_python.html
+* MathJax: http://docs.mathjax.org/en/latest/
 * MirrorBrain: http://mirrorbrain.org/docs/
 * nose: http://somethingaboutorange.com/mrl/projects/nose/
 * ObjectListView: http://objectlistview.sourceforge.net/python
 * OpenLayers: http://docs.openlayers.org/
 * PyEphem: http://rhodesmill.org/pyephem/
 * German Plone 4.0 user manual: http://www.hasecke.com/plone-benutzerhandbuch/4.0/
+* PSI4: http://sirius.chem.vt.edu/psi4manual/latest/index.html
 * Pylons: http://pylonshq.com/docs/en/0.9.7/
 * PyMOTW: http://www.doughellmann.com/PyMOTW/
 * pypol: http://pypol.altervista.org/ (celery)


 <h3>Questions? Suggestions?</h3>
-<p>Join the <a href="http://groups.google.com/group/sphinx-dev">Google group</a>:</p>
-<form action="http://groups.google.com/group/sphinx-dev/boxsubscribe"
+<p>Join the <a href="http://groups.google.com/group/sphinx-users">Google group</a>:</p>
+<form action="http://groups.google.com/group/sphinx-users/boxsubscribe"
       style="padding-left: 1em">
   <input type="text" name="email" value="your@email"/>
   <input type="submit" name="sub" value="Subscribe" />
-Sphinx needs at least **Python 2.4** or **Python 3.1** to run, as well as the
+Sphinx needs at least **Python 2.5** or **Python 3.1** to run, as well as the
 docutils_ and Jinja2_ libraries.  Sphinx should work with docutils version 0.7
 or some (not broken) SVN trunk snapshot.  If you like to have source code
 highlighting support, you must also install the Pygments_ library.
-If you use **Python 2.4** you also need uuid_.
 .. _reStructuredText: http://docutils.sf.net/rst.html
 .. _docutils: http://docutils.sf.net/
 .. _Jinja2: http://jinja.pocoo.org/
 .. _Pygments: http://pygments.org/
-.. The given homepage is only a directory listing so I'm using the pypi site.
-.. _uuid: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/uuid/
 requires = ['Pygments>=1.2', 'Jinja2>=2.3', 'docutils>=0.7']
-if sys.version_info < (2, 4):
-    print('ERROR: Sphinx requires at least Python 2.4 to run.')
+if sys.version_info < (2, 5):
+    print('ERROR: Sphinx requires at least Python 2.5 to run.')
-if sys.version_info < (2, 5):
-    # Python 2.4's distutils doesn't automatically install an egg-info,
-    # so an existing docutils install won't be detected -- in that case,
-    # remove the dependency from setup.py
-    try:
-        import docutils
-        if int(docutils.__version__[2]) < 4:
-            raise ValueError('docutils not recent enough')
-    except:
-        pass
-    else:
-        del requires[-1]
-    # The uuid module is new in the stdlib in 2.5
-    requires.append('uuid>=1.30')
 # Provide a "compile_catalog" command that also creates the translated
 # JavaScript files if Babel is available.


                                 'can be provided next time.')
                 print >>error, (
                     'Either send bugs to the mailing list at '
-                    '<http://groups.google.com/group/sphinx-dev/>,\n'
+                    '<http://groups.google.com/group/sphinx-users/>,\n'
                     'or report them in the tracker at '
                     '<http://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/sphinx/issues/>. Thanks!')
             return 1


         # since self.append_header() is never called, need to do this here
+        # Overwrite admonition label translations with our own
+        for label, translation in admonitionlabels.items():
+            self.language.labels[label] = self.deunicode(translation)
     # overwritten -- added quotes around all .TH arguments
     def header(self):
         tmpl = (".TH \"%(title_upper)s\" \"%(manual_section)s\""
     def depart_seealso(self, node):
-    # overwritten -- use our own label translations
-    def visit_admonition(self, node, name=None):
-        if name:
-            self.body.append('.IP %s\n' %
-                             self.deunicode(admonitionlabels.get(name, name)))
     def visit_productionlist(self, node):
         names = []
     {envpython} tests/run.py {posargs}
     sphinx-build -W -b html -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees doc {envtmpdir}/html
-; simplejson 2.1.0 is last version that have compatibility to Python2.4.
-; Pygments 1.5 have incompatibility to Python2.4
-    nose
-    simplejson==2.1.0
-    Pygments==1.4
-    nose
-    docutils==0.5
-    nose
-    docutils==0.6
+    nose
+    docutils==0.9.1
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